Speciesism against beavers?

The night before last Sunday a beaver checked in at a hotel in Örebro, central Sweden, according to the Swedish news agency TT. It walked right through the reception and into a room. It was caught and evicted by the municipal hunter. Now this seems like an blatant case of speciesism. What was the reason given for this? Was it the rumours that beavers could start gnawing on furniture? Had it been served herbes or shrubs by the hotel this would likely not happen. Rock stars and other humans are known to devastate hotel rooms but hotels still go on letting bands rent rooms. Or was it a belief that the beaver would not pay for the room? The beaver would probably have a house somewhere in a creek that could serve as security at the bank. Maybe the hotel feared that the beaver would “lay a cable” on the hotel room carpet? But as far as I know beavers shit in water so it would most certainly use the WC. No, this can be nothing else than pure speciesism without any cause against beavers.



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2 responses to “Speciesism against beavers?

  1. Peter

    Excuse me for being politically incorrect but beavers have to pay for services too.
    They can’t just expect to be able to walk in to a hotel and live there without paying.
    Unfortunately for them sticks are not yet accepted as a cyrrency (at least not as far south as Örebro), so they’re just gonna have to deal with it like other mammals do: get a job.

  2. The beaver

    Politically incorrect, yes indeed!There are few other mammals that work as hard as beavers. They are even famous for being particularly eager. Actually, the refusal of humans to accept sticks as currency is also speciesist behavior. Why should they have to accept SEK or Euros, or even dollars? Beaver sticks are accepted by beavers all over northern forests, even across species limits (as there actually are two beaver species). There humans have something to learn.

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