On Time

A few days ago I had an uplifting experience of finding a total creative flow together with a group of people I had not seen for three decades (yes I am that old). Could it be that we remembered how to cooperate in a dynamic way, over all the time that had passsed? And knew exactly to what degree we should respect or confront each other?I had reasons to reflect on what it is we recognize in people over a longer period of time. A beard or a moustache, hair style – these are important at first. After a while, the person you used to know works his/her way out through the surface and becomes visible again.

I also reflected over the self. What does it mean to develop over time? Who was I then? Who am I now? What has changed and why? In what sense am I the same person as 32 years ago, and in what not?

We discussed the ideas we had in common and ideas that differed. I found out that differences in political ideas, seemingly big at that time, were in reality only superficial. We had much more values in common than we realized at that time. How much are these tied to our being of a certain generation? The common identity maybe was in the discourse itself?



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4 responses to “On Time

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Beaver,

    The group that met was a very selected highly idealistic group. Out of 1000 applicants we were 100 selected. This might be one of the major reasons. Then we were backed up financialy with both theoretical and practical education. Everybody could feel good at least in one situation. And may be another key lesson, we were not valued, thus we had no marks upon us during this year. We were supposed to solve problems in groups before even the expression of problem solved learning (PBL) was invented in the early 1970s. We were supposed to use our creativity. Of cours this do something with your personality.
    best regards
    B and M H

  2. The beaver

    Dear B&M
    At that time most of us did not think of the background to why we were given this opportunity. We just “were” and did not reflect on how privileged we were. Instead, we wanted even more, total power, of course in the name of democracy.

    Now, looking back, we can realize the gratitude we owe to the people who struggled to make this possible. Thank you!

    We can continue this dialogue elsewhere!

  3. bosseh

    Dear Beaver,
    I really enjoyed your blog and particularly the comments on the Södertälje reunion. It is heartening to read that the one year stint at Sandö meant so much to so many people.
    best regards,

  4. The beaver

    Hello Bosse
    yes it became very clear at the reunion for how many the Sandö year was a source of energy and also gave some direction for the future. This is true also for those of us who did not get a job abroad (yet). Of course, we also had a lot of fun that year. This was apparent when we all met again and could feel this good atmosphere.

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