Not A Good Idea

Jan Leopoldovich Larri was a latvian author who wrote an anonymous letter to Stalin in december 1940, with part of a science fiction manuscript “Visitors from the sky” describing the future of the Soviet Union a century later, from a visiting Marsian’s point of view. It was not altogether a pretty picture he painted. So Stalin’s agents of course found out who sent the letter and Larri was to spend the next 15 years in the GULAG.

He is famous for the children’s book “The wonderful adventures of Karik and Valja”. Read more about this in part 25 in the series “Insekternas litteraturhistoria” in the latest issue of “Natur i Norr”, see

Back issues from 2002 and on are found at: – with Strugatski brothers, subcomandante Marcos, Tranströmer and many others.


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