Sour fish 2

In Norway’s countryside there is small-scale production of rakefisk, a dish prepared from trout – rakørret – or arctic charr – rakrøye. Unlike herring, the fish is cleaned out and cut into pieces, before it is fermented for a couple of months at low temperature with salt and a little sugar added. If the process is going in the right way there should be a breadish smell about it.

The charr has a milder taste but the trout improves after being stored a half year. Served with boiled potatoes and Norwegian flatbread this smooth fish is a great experience. The specially spiced brand of aquavit that should accompany this is rare in liquor stores.



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2 responses to “Sour fish 2

  1. Klimakteriehäxan

    Not that I really would like to try – and I´m not too fond of aquavit either – but shouldn´t you disclose the name of the brand? best regards – and hurrah for fresh fish

  2. The beaver

    Hello witchie!
    Fresh fish is great. Of course you can drink Norwegian aquavit with that too. The brand will be shown in my next blog post. Recommended, if you get hold on it. Next time in Oslo maybe?

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