Laleh is for real

Reconnecting to what is real or virtual (May 15)…on the street festival, Mr Swedish summer himself, Tomas Ledin, appeared on the biggest stage and at the same time we saw him on two gigantic screens. Sometimes the audience could see itself instead (do we know it is this actual audience?). On one screen video clips are sometimes displayed. To improve the show? I leave the place, disappointed, after a few songs.

Earlier that day I saw Laleh on a much smaller stage. That was very much real and much more exciting. All the little thrilling brilliant moments of unpredictability. Only voice, body, guitar, piano, and a small band. No screens, no video, just pure presence. Nature beautifully celebrated her performance with rays of evening sun through showers of rain.

Visit Lalehs webb!

Photo: Evelina Attervall, Sundsvalls Tidning


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