La Guitarra

Francisco Roca made a musical interpretation of the García Lorca poem La Guitarra on a fine LP from 1977 where he otherwise mostly sings Violeta Parra.Empieza el llanto
de la guitarra.
Se rompen las copas

de la madrugada.

Llora por cosas lejanas
Arena del Sur caliente
Que pide camelias blancas.
Llora flecha sin blanco,
la tarde sin mañana,
y el primer pajaro muerto
sobre la rama
O guitarra!
Corazon malherido

por cinco espadas

This song is very emotional, maybe more so than melodious. I believe it catches a lot of the sentiment in the poem, which partly deals with the war.

I first saw Francisco Roca appear with his group Atacama at a music festival in Uppsala, probably in 1971. At this time, Latin American music with charango, zampoña and drum was not so common as it is now with an Andean group playing in every town square. The audience felt this was something new and exiting. Francisco has since become an institution for Latin American culture in Sweden, working in music, film and writing.



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3 responses to “La Guitarra

  1. Klimakteriehäxan

    And do you by any chance know where Francisco Roca can be found today? I have the answer: Francisco lives in Stockholm and works with Swedish Television. He is a filmmaker and an editor – and a helluva great guy!
    I would like to listen to your record some day. Francisco rarely sings in public any more, although I believe he is “tocando la guitarra” in private.

  2. Klimakteriehäxan

    Maybe you did know already. Well, what the heck…

  3. The beaver

    Actually, yes. I will continue on this track soon…. but first some deviation into other fields.

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