Our host in Valparaíso, Miguel Angel Aldunce, is a fine oud and guitar player, and university music teacher, also sometimes touring in Europe. I brought home a live recording by his group “Sala del espejo”, recorded at an event in the former prison, which at least in 2001 was used for a cultural project.

The group has issued at least one official CD, “Mínimo” (2003) , with partly the same music as on the live recording. It is partly a celebration of the home town, one song actually named Valsparaíso, but also a lament of the war in Kosovo.

The music is well described by Íñigo Díaz on the website La Música Emol: “Un debut discográfico de creaciones colectivas que van en distintas direcciones, señaladas a veces más a veces menos por la instrumentación diversa: un clarinete en plan klezmático, un violín reiterativo, solos jazzísticos, cantos abiertos, percusiones “tradicionales y exóticas”, como ellos mismos lo indican.”


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