This is still not a design blog – Stig Lindberg

Stig Lindberg was one of the most loved and influential Swedish designers of the 20th century. I grew up in a world where his design was the standard, for example the Domino ashtray shown here, and did not reflect on it or have a distance to it. I just associated this world to the 50’s and 60’s.

I visited our Nationalmuseum and the exhibition about him and his work. Oddly enough, I was amazed at how many things shown at the exhibition I did not expect to come from him. For example the beautiful, and seemingly un-Lindbergian, Shmoo (Sw: Gnurglor) objects (do you remember the original Shmoo, in Li’l Abner?). And conversely, how many things not shown there that I missed. His very special deck of cards for example, that I used to play with together with the girl next door.

Lindberg has also been celebrated in a thematic issue of the cultural journal Västerbotten in 2005, see the photo.

Read also Klimakteriehäxan’s blog (see Favorites), Sept 13, about this exhibition.



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2 responses to “This is still not a design blog – Stig Lindberg

  1. Klimakteriehäxan

    Had they been selling that deck of cards I had been a cumstomer for sure! Thanks for inviting readers to my blog!

  2. The beaver

    Yes so would I. I didn´t see it in the museum shop. But maybe I was to hurried 🙂

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