Hamburg shopping


In Hamburg there are a number of large shopping malls, especially around Mönckebergstrasse. Shopping is excellent, but prices are not always favorable for Swedes, for shoes for example, so take a look at the tags before buying.

Compare this view from the Europa-Passage with the one from the “in:” Galleria in Sundsvall in the previous (first, and republished) entry.



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2 responses to “Hamburg shopping

  1. You went to Hamburg, ok. But did you really go to Hamburg to shop??? Thought you were a much more down-to-earth (and sea) person… alas, even you have seen the charm of a bargain, be it not a pair of shoes in Germany!

  2. Of course the reason for travelling was a not-so-exciting conference, but being in a new place it is always interesting to also look in the shops. Some people think men dont’t like shopping, but I have even learned from women around me how to (sometimes) shop without buying anything!

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