Sour fish 9 – The contest 2007


This time we tried three brands, as we did last year (See entry August 14 2006). One was the same brand as then, Oskars, although now we tried a 2 year old can (catch of 2005). We also tested the concept brand Erik the Red from Ulvö Little Saltery (catch of 2005, released May 2006) (see entry December 4) including the bread and the beer. The final brand was Borkbo Saltery from Enånger (catch of 2006)(see entry August 21). (The fifth can shown in the picture was not opened this time).

So, what was the verdict? The concept brand seemed to have bee somewhat hyped since it was too salty and did not have a particularly appealing taste. The bread was actually the positive surprise, as it was good tasting and not to brittle, and the beer was OK. Oskars as always is a stable and priceworthy herring. The Borkbo herring, with its precise declaration of origin (depth of capture 44m!) was really something extra. It had a mild aromatic taste with not a grain too much of salt.

With the herring, we had some diverse liquors – Hypericum snaps, last years Christmas brännvin from Reimersholms, Gripsholm Aquavit, and a ukrainian horilka z pertsem (horilka with strong pepper in the bottle) with honey.


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