Herzog – vampyres and lunatics


Continuing on the series “Best movies” (see entry July 30), one obvious choice for director is Werner Herzog. It is not so easy however to choose a best movie. I have seen several of his and there is a certain mood to them although they are picturing a large number of different environments, using more or less exotic landscapes as main actors. The main candidates are Herz aus Glass (1976) and Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979). Both are extremely beautifully shot and have magnificent music by Popol Vuh.  Interesting enough, he has also filmed his friend Chatwin’s The Viceroy of Ouidah as Cobra Verde (1987) but I haven’t seen this film yet.

For the moment I am vampyre-influenced after reading Kostova’s The Historian so I think I will choose Nosferatu. It was actually also given a slightly higher score by IMDB viewers so I am not alone.

Herzog has several times operated in the border zone between fiction and documentary, as described in a recent feature in the newspaper DN. So maybe Michael Moore (and of course, in his books, Chatwin!) is not alone doing this.

Photo: Michael Moore, Werner Herzog and Terry Gilliam/imdb


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