Mushroom heaven


It is a good mushroom year and this is displayed in the Stockholm Haymarket where all the stands have identical piles with common and funnel (or winter) chanterells, and of course an identical price, too. I pick the funnel species Cantharellus tubaeformis on the island, in a kind of frenzy when they abund such as this fall. A particularly good recipe is the soup with lots of cream and some sherry or other fitting wine added. Another classic one is of course the carved reindeer beef, fried with mushrooms and onion, cooked with cream, and served with sour lingonberries and almond potatoes. What to drink? With the soup, a tasty white wine like Les Fumées Blanches , and with the reindeer a full-bodie lager such as Heaven or Hell from Jämtlands Bryggeri.



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2 responses to “Mushroom heaven

  1. Säj bara till när det är klart, så kommer vi.

  2. När som helst!
    Om det är OK att resa lite…

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