Sour fish 10 – 2nd contest 2007


Again we tested a can of Borkbo herring, but this time from 2007, this year’s catch. It was can 49 from barrel 18. However this one was not a great herring. It was to salt, hard and dry. It was far from the success story of last year’s best barrell, which I wrote about in the entry September 9. It was also overpriced, since it was bought in fish stand in a Stockholm food mall (Hötorgshallen).

The other brand, Hållstrands Fish and Smokery in the province of Uppland, was just as great as the 2006 Borkbo can. Aromatic, mild and with exactly the right salt content. A 2007 can. Strongly recommended! The brand can be found, if you are lucky, in the Uppsala food mall first days of the year’s release in August.

The horilka, by the way, was still just as fine!



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2 responses to “Sour fish 10 – 2nd contest 2007

  1. Jahaja.
    Och varför tror jag inte på en enda stavelse? Jo för att surströmming KAN INTE VARA GOTT.
    Don´t believe a single syllable of whats written in this post, folks! Sour fish is disgusting, should not be eaten unless you´re a vulture! And that you are not, right?

  2. This is something called “acquired taste”. Learning to find the delicacy in something that at first doesn’t seem to taste good. Like old cheese, and whiskey! Eller hur?

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