Earthsea – the original school of magic


As a Stockholm librarian points out in newspaper DN today, the School of Magic concept in the Harry Potter books, Hogwarth, appears to have been borrowed from the Ursula K LeGuin’s School for Wizards on the isle of Roke in the Earthsea cycle. I guess it is quite evident once you think of it, but at least I haven’t so far pointed it out to anyone.

The librarian laments that LeGuin hasn’t had a chance to become a superrich megastar (such as Rowling). Well, I guess she can stand, and appreciate, not being a media megastar, but in the SF and fantasy world she is the megastar, having won all the available awards several times, and I guess her incomes from the great number of bestselling titles she has had, and still gets, should be quite sufficent if not in Rowling’s class. Also, just wait until a decent movie comes out from the Wizard of Earthsea…



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4 responses to “Earthsea – the original school of magic

  1. Undrar om jag blir tvungen att läsa en fantasy-bok endera dagen???? jo lite potter har jag klämt, del av ettan och hela trean, men………………………….

  2. Ja absolut, och börja då gärna med Philip Pullmans Den mörka materien, med start med Guldkompassen, då är du näästan kvar i den vanliga världen.
    Rekommenderas för ungdomar i alla åldrar, om dom inte är överkänsliga för spänning.

  3. Peter

    And what about Prattchett’s unseen university?

  4. Is of course recommended too, if you are not too serious. And, maybe, it is the school of Roke seen in a twisted mirror…

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