Pullman’s vision on screen


Philip Pullman created an alternative world (various, actually) in his fantasy trilogy and the filming of the first book, The Golden Compass, is very close to what you would wish to see as a book reader. It came up on Swedish theatres this week. Much animation effort has, successfully, been put into the very special characteristic of these books, the daimons. The choice of actors, and apparently the directing, has been very successful, from the debutant 13-year star Dakota Blue Richards to 85-year Christopher Lee (not to talk about the marvellous polar bear voice of Ian McKellen). Apart from all the ice scenery, Nicole Kidman gives you chills down the spine. It will be frustrating to have to wait for the two sequels.

A strange coincidence is that the film dealing with the Arctic, with polar bears as heroes, is coming up now – at the same time as the world’s politicians are seated in Bali to stop our climate from wreaking havoc, and to save polar bears from going extinct. Maybe the movie, unintentedly, can help this process?


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