Stig Lindberg 7 – Hellsing, companion for a book

In a magic evenening, this 89-year old made us sing his rhymes and laugh at the stories of his own life, but also think seriously about childrens culture. “All pedagogic literature is bad and all good literature is pedagogic.” Actually, in a sense, all of us, and also our children, are his children.

Lennart Hellsing told us about his cooperation with Stig Lindberg which started because Stig was working at the cooperative movement’s ceramics industry and he himself publishing with its editorial. After 4 or so books, among them the classic Musikbussen (Music Bus),  Stig didn’t have any more time since he always had a lot of new projects. Lennart was left with the popular new characters Krakel Spektakel and Kusin Vitamin so he had to find a new artist for them. His choice was the then young and unknown Danish cartoonist Poul Ströyer, and they had a long and fruitful work together.

He also told us how he became a horseback rider as a young recruit, what happens if you don’t follow the moralistic rules for childrens books, how his black great grand-mother came from the caribbean to be an estate-owner in Scotland and a great number of other completely true tales….



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2 responses to “Stig Lindberg 7 – Hellsing, companion for a book

  1. Så diskret klädd han var, Hellsing, på besök hos er! Han är annars ofta klädd i en kanariegul kostym, har också sett honom i en knallknallgrön!
    Passar liksom hans image. Häftig gubbe!

  2. ja ganska diskret, men han hade visst en plommonfärgad kostym så lite färg var det iallafall! Han var som en bokfigur själv nästan.

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