Stig Lindberg 8 – the fountain










The finest piece of public art in Umeå, and maybe in all of Northern Sweden, is the copper fountain by Stig Lindberg at the Renmark Square in the town center. When it was new in 1979, the surroundings were still quite oldfashioned and half rural, with low wooden buildings. Then, the fountain was a premonition of the modernistic town view yet to come. Now, the square has caught up in appearance with this piece of art. Lindberg himself was actually born in Umeå, in August 1916, and there are also other public works by him in the town.



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2 responses to “Stig Lindberg 8 – the fountain

  1. Peter

    Där ser man, visste faktiskt inte att han var en Ume-son.

  2. Jojomän, och snart är det 100-årsjubileum.

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