Stig Lindberg 9 – the faulty fountain

To the city hall of Umeå, a ceramic fountain designed by Stig Lindberg was moved. Sadly enough, parts of the fountain were cut off in connection with the change of location and have not been found again. Nor are there any sketches or drawings showing what it should look like. Furthermore, the fountain has not been maintained well so it is in a bad shape. This means it will not be possible to restore the work and it will most likely be put into storage. 

 It was made in 1962 for the newbuilt Centrum House, close to the Renmark square where the outdoor fountain still is placed (see Jan 27 entry). There it overlooked an indoor plaza in a shopping mall and even housed shoals of gold fishes.

Photo by Hanna Eriksson, source


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2 responses to “Stig Lindberg 9 – the faulty fountain

  1. Fast jag tycker att mycket annat han gjort är betydligt vackrare … f´låt då!

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