Oh Susan


I am going through my film star pics from the 1950’s with lots of pics of Rock Hudson and Doris Day. I don’t think I ever saw a movie with Rock Hudson but still he was one of my collecting themes.

I also find this card, of what I as a kid considered to be a little old lady. Now looking at other photos of this actor I see that she is wearing unusually much clothes here. She was rather big in the 40’s to 60’s it appears.

There is a strange story to her death in brain cancer in 1975. She starred as Genghis Khan’s wife Bortai against John Wayne in The Conqueror (ranked as one of the worst films ever). The recording took place in Utah, downwind of a nuclear test site. 24 years later, 91 of 220 in the cast and crew had developed cancer and 46 had died from this. Wheter this is a high share or not seems to be  matter of discussion.

Genghis Khan’s and Börte’s lives have more recently been depicted in Mongol based, I believe, on Conn Iggulden’s books.

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