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Naked lady 5 – alone in the rain again


The anemone now withered down, Colchicum again flowers alone. The first snow has already passed and there are more and larger flowers than ever. In this climate there are no bees around this time of the year to benefit from its nectar and pollen. Maybe some mice? Other species of Colchicum are known to be rodent pollinated.


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Naked lady 4 – Company






The naked lady is again flowering (lower right), but now has some company in her corner of the garden by a Japanese windflower (anemone). There are now several lady buds coming so this will be a long and beautiful flowering. As can be seen in the picture, the maples already consider this autumn and shed their leaves. Many other plants are however also flowering even in this northern archipelago garden.


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Archipelago Midsummer celebration

On Midsummer’s Eve all the necessary ingredients were present; Proper food and drink, some traditional and some unexpected; Meadow flowers on the table; The sun crawling above the tree-tops, almost not setting; A warm enough evening for sitting out until midnight; A musician who remembers almost all the words of the Taube songs; And of course a good mood and many stories told.

See also entry on June 26, 2007.


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A naked lady 3 – the return

It is now spring again, the snow has disappeared, and Colchicum, having flowered and survived during winter, is back with green leaves, bigger than ever. The picture is from May 11.

The garden has had a less harsh winter with no sun-scorching damage, and our anti-browsing protection having worked out, except on a few of the tallest young rowans, and a maple, that were broken by moose – se picture on the maple below from March 23. We sometimes have to physically chase away the moose from the garden, threatening them with the worst possible fates.


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A naked lady 2 – in the snow


It is the day before New Years Eve, which means almost no daylight. Snow has come again today after several days of rain. Nevertheless, Colchicum stands in bloom. An amazing hardiness. I will report on the continued fate of the flower.


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Earthsea – the original school of magic


As a Stockholm librarian points out in newspaper DN today, the School of Magic concept in the Harry Potter books, Hogwarth, appears to have been borrowed from the Ursula K LeGuin’s School for Wizards on the isle of Roke in the Earthsea cycle. I guess it is quite evident once you think of it, but at least I haven’t so far pointed it out to anyone.

The librarian laments that LeGuin hasn’t had a chance to become a superrich megastar (such as Rowling). Well, I guess she can stand, and appreciate, not being a media megastar, but in the SF and fantasy world she is the megastar, having won all the available awards several times, and I guess her incomes from the great number of bestselling titles she has had, and still gets, should be quite sufficent if not in Rowling’s class. Also, just wait until a decent movie comes out from the Wizard of Earthsea…


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A naked lady in the winter garden


Snow has come, but nevertheless there are flowers coming up. Colchicum or naked lady defies winter and breaks through the soil crust to expose its fragile bud to the frost. It tries to tell us: never give up in the face of a chilly reception!

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Winter, creating a picture


A watering can, blown away by the wind, then being snowed upon, is leaving its mark on the lawn, in the negative.

Winter appeared four days ago, and it is time to cover the plants, hide away gardening tools, empty the water system, put on an extra door, and bring in some extra firewood.


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A bridge over shallow straits to islands with many secrets, a strange and expressive language, great personalities, stories about dangerous seal hunts over sea ice, fish canneries and making of wooden boats and fishing gear, lighthouses, places for fine food and drink and saunas and art. A bridge, beautiful in its own right, as seen from above, from below, or from passing over it. A bridge connecting new life with old ways, city with sea, inland with archipelago.

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A night in the Archipelago – 2


I had two Flamish naturalists visiting the island and we went for a late night excursion. An account of this was given in their travel letter a few days later.

“Op het eiland zagen we veel mooie stukken natuur en deden we een mooie
wandelingen, waarbij we ondertussen een koppeltje kleine zwanen tegenkwamen,
die waarschijnlijk in de buurt broeden. Verder zagen we nog een adulte
zeearend, kleine jager, sneeuwhaas,zwarte zeekoet, een mannetje nonnetje en
6 roodkeel en 3 parelduikers. “

For me the best memory of the evening was the strikingly graphic sight of the pair of whooper swans mentioned above, with two male velvet scoters in front of them in the little pond.

We looked for moose but, unusually, found none. What I did not tell my friends, partly because I was unsure about the certainty of it, and partly beacuse I did not want to give them high expectations, was that there were reports about a bear being around, not too far away from where we were. Afterwards, this has been more and more confirmed. However we were not lucky (?) enough to run into it!

For the same title number 1, see entry June 12 last year.

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